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Warning:  These are handcrafted products, and are not lab-tested for safety prior to sale.  Please use caution.

As a general guideline, natural products should be used within six (6) months of purchase, and should be stored in a cool, dark place to help maintain freshness.  If, however, you notice any “off” odors, this can indicate that the product has spoiled and should be discarded.

When trying a product for the first time, always perform a patch test first – this allows you to see if your body is sensitive/reactive to the ingredients before applying it to large areas of skin.  To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of product to the soft underside of your upper arm, and allow product to remain in contact with your skin.  Observe the area after 12 and 24 hours to make sure no adverse reactions have occurred – then you can make an informed choice before applying the product to large areas of your body or your face.  If redness or irritation occurs, rinse immediately and use cool compresses to calm the skin. If irritation continues consult a medical professional. Never leave children unattended with skincare products, and avoid getting any products into your eyes.


Delivery Policy:

Customers should expect to receive their orders within 7-10 days of their order date.  Orders are typically processed within three (3) business days, and then shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  The customer's credit card will not be charged until we have verified that the desired items are available. 

Exceptions to the described delivery policy include: 

  1. If the business (Shannon Tiffany Natural Skincare, LLC) is closed for holidays/vacations, orders will not begin being processed until the business reopens.  Any such closings will be listed on the website's home page ( 
  2. If ordered item(s) are out-of-stock/unavailable, the customer will be notified within three (3) business days.  The customer may then choose whether s/he would like the items to ship separately as the desired items become available (which may incur additional shipping costs), or for his/her order to be held until all items are available to ship as one package. 
  3. In the event of separated shipments, the customer's credit card will be charged for each shipment's items (and any associated shipping & handling costs) as that particular shipment is sent.

Shipping Policy:

Currently, we are only able to ship to US addresses. 

We are currently* charging a flat shipping & handling rate of $8 per retail order, and are currently*  offering FREE shipping on retail orders of $75 or more.  Retail orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  *Current shipping rates are subject to change. 

This Free Shipping offer does NOT apply to wholesale orders nor special-production orders.  Wholesale/special-production orders will receive a customized shipping quote along with their production estimate -- please call/email for details. 


Return Policy

Return/Exchange Policy:

We want you to love your Shannon Tiffany products as much as we do!  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at to set up an exchange or refund.  Please understand that we are a small company, and can only accommodate exchanges and/or returns that are requested within 21 days of your order’s SHIPPING date.  We do not refund shipping costs.

In your email, please state the name of the cardbearer & recipient, the item(s) you wish to send back, the date of your order, and whether you would prefer an exchange or refund.   When we receive your email, we will issue you a Return Authorization Number (RA#).  Please write this RA# on the package that you are returning;  this allows us to link your returned package with your account so that you may be credited appropriately.

Refunds/exchanges will not be issued until we receive the returned item.  Any price difference due to exchanges will be rectified on the exchanged item's ship date, and will be made to the originating order's credit card.  Exchanged items do not incur any additional shipping costs.

Please know we always appreciate your feedback, so feel welcome to share your honest opinions!

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