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A bubbly, outgoing personality, Shannon has a strength of purpose matched by very few; couple that with intelligence, a fabulous sense of humor, and a drive for perfection, anyone who has known Shannon could tell you that she would conquer the world.

Having been born and raised in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, she realized at an early age that the best products are found in nature and created with love. Like most women, Shannon at various stages in her life had been plagued with skin problems; and like most women, she searched high and low for a skin care regime that would work for her. When she realized that skin care products weren’t reaching her high standards, Shannon took it upon herself to create her own line — and the rest is history.

Since that fateful day, both Shannon’s skin and the skin of her friends and family has never looked better. Shannon’s joie de vivre comes through in her careful crafting of each item's name, scent, and production. As demand for her products grew, she began packaging her natural skincare products for retail at a local-area day spa and a dermatology office. She has been selling her creations to the population-at-large since 2007. Shannon believes that every woman is a ‘beauty, naturally’ and it is through nature that a woman’s true beauty can shine.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys exploring the natural wonders around us by hiking, riding, and swimming her way through the vast expanses of natural beauty our world has to offer. An avid traveler, she has toured virtually every US National Park, and is particularly fond of her time spent both out west and abroad. At home, she enjoys gardening, spending time with friends & family, and supporting Ithaca’s vibrant local music scene.

— Melissa Auclair, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, August 8, 2009
    longtime friend and devotee of Shannon Tiffany Skincare Products

Massage Therapy Inquiries  Use contact form below if you'd like to be kept informed about the massage practice.

Shannon sees massage clients in her private practice, although with increasingly limited availability as her skincare line grows. Individuals seeking therapeutic massage sessions may contact Shannon using the form below. Shannon typically only offers 60-minute or longer sessions, and requires 24-hour notice of cancellation for all sessions. Failure to give 24-hour notice will result in the client being billed for the full cost of the missed session.

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Please select the services you are intereted in.

60-minute Swedish/Integrative Session, $80

60-minute Hot Stone Session, $100

75-minute Prenatal Massage, $100

Orthopedic/Injury Rehab Session, duration varies, $100-$150

90-minute Swedish/Integrative Session, $110

90-minute Hot Stone Session, $130


PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this form merely alerts Shannon to your interest in booking a session. Your appointment will not be scheduled until she speaks directly with you.

“I understand that the massage I am about to request is completely non-sexual in nature. If I behave inappropriately, I understand my session will be terminated, I will be removed from the premises, the massage therapist may pursue legal action against me, and my credit card will be charged for the full rate for the booked session.”
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